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Armstrong Process Group

Sparx Expertise - APG Ensures Success

Armstrong Process Group (APG) ensures organizations successfully use Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect by providing world-class, instructor-led, classroom and web-based training, as well as expert guidance on tool installation, configuration, and customization.

Training Services/Courses

APG has a comprehensive training curriculum that covers all aspects of enterprise development lifecycles.

Sparx Training Courses:

Additional Services/Information

APG Services

  • Creation of custom Sparx EA MDG Technologies and Add-Ins
  • Adoption of standard enterprise architecture, systems engineering, and solution delivery methods - TOGAF, DoDAF, INCOSE/OOSEM, OpenUP/RUP
  • Adoption of standard modeling specifications - UML, SysML, BPMN, UPDM, and others
  • Acquisition, configuration, and deployment of tools

APG Memberships

  • The Open Group
  • Object Management Group
  • Eclipse Foundation
  • IIBA - Endorsed Education Provider (EEP)

Contact Details

800.787.4028 (toll-free US)
+1.651.204.9282 (toll and international)
Business Address:
808 Carmichael Road #174
Hudson, WI 54016 USA
Country(s) of Operation:

URL: http://www.enterprisemodelingsolutions.com

Cephas Consulting Corp

Cephas Consulting Corp has been delivering enterprise services to U.S. government agencies and corporate clients for over 15 years. As a long time Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) VAR, training and consulting partner, Cephas offers a complete service package for North American customers by delivering training courses both onsite and online based on the latest released version of EA.

Enterprise Architect training

For companies that are already familiar with a modeling notation (e.g. UML) and want to focus the training on the tool features:

The Unified Modeling Language™(OMG UML®) training using Enterprise Architect

The Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) training using Enterprise Architect

Business/Application Architecture training using Enterprise Architect

Technologies & Frameworks using Enterprise Architect

Contact Cephas Consulting by:
Email: contact@enterprisemodelingsolutions.com
Phone: 714-573-7112
Web: http://enterprisemodelingsolutions.com

URL: http://www.eaprincipals.com/

EA Principals Inc.

Through a growing base of internal consulting talent and partner relationships, EA Principals, Inc. has been providing innovative services to major U.S. government agencies and large corporate clients for over a decade. Leveraging our location near the U.S. capital, EA Principals has served the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, General Services Administration, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. EA Principals principal consultants have also provided Fortune 500 companies with strategic consulting/training on EA, service-oriented architecture, and global supply chains.

Training Services/Courses

EA Principals brings highly qualified and experienced trainers and mentors globally, making their real-world experiences available to enhance learning and knowledge acquisition.

Main courses offered are:

  • ArchiMate® 2 Certification
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Certification
  • DoDAF 2 Certification
  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
  • TOGAF 9 Certification
  • Cloud Computing and SOA Governance Workshops
  • Enterprise & Solution Architecture Certification
  • Business Analysis Essentials
  • Requirements Management
  • Organizational Context
  • Mentoring for kick-starting your EA/TOGAF 9 Program and/or Projects

Additional Services

  • EA Certification Training for Architects
  • Enterprise Architecture Services
  • Project/Portfolio Management Services
  • Management/Decision Support Services
  • Ongoing, as-required or retainer-based consulting to support your EA initiatives

Contact Information
Email: training@eaprincipals.com
Phone: (703) 333-6098
Business Address: 6268 Lincolnia Road, Alexandria, VA 22312
Web: www.eaprincipals.com
Country(s) of Operation: Global

URL: www.evogroupeconseil.com

EVO Groupe conseil

EVO Groupe conseil is a consulting and training company, based in Quebec City, Canada. EVO offers senior resources to support its clients in their business and systems architecture projects. It has recognized expertise in setting up Enterprise repositories based on recognized methods such as TOGAF, Fujitsu Macroscope, using UML, BPMN and Archimate modelling languages. Over the last 10 years, EVO has been involved in the adaptation of several system development methodologies. It is now developing expertise to support its clients using Enterprise Architect to build enterprise modeling frameworks.

Training Services/Courses
EVO Groupe conseil offers advanced training and workshop services in Enterprise Architect:

  • Implementing Enterprise Architect in a central repository
  • Traceability management
  • MDG Technology development
  • Report generation development

Additional Services/Information
Strategic consulting services and training to help organizations:

  • To introduce modeling techniques into their practices with UML, BPMN, OOAD, SOA
  • To implement and customize the Fujtitsu Macroscope methodology

EVO Groupe conseil offre des services d'accompagnement et de formation en français.

Contact Details
Address: 20 Chemin de la Nyctale
Stoneham-Et-Tewkesbury, Quebec, Canada, G3C 1R2
Phone: 418-802-0507
Email: martial.comeau@evogroupeconseil.com
Website: www.evogroupeconseil.com
Country of Operation: Canada

URL: http://www.iconixsw.com


ICONIX has been actively partnering with Sparx Systems since 2002, offering a wide range of Sparx-related products and services, including

JumpStart Training
ICONIX specializes in customized, hands-on, onsite JumpStart training for object-oriented projects. Use Enterprise Architect to model YOUR project and follow the ICONIX process: a streamlined approach to UML, using a minimal but sufficient set of diagrams and techniques to get you from use cases to code quickly and efficiently. JumpStart training is available worldwide.

Multimedia Tutorials - EA for Power Users
Enterprise Architect for Power Users provides over four hours of narrated video tutorials covering a wide range of EA's features and capabilities.

Contact us at umltraining@iconixsw.com
For more information, please visit www.iconixsw.com

URL: www.IN2GRATEiT.com


Sparx Training Expertise - We guarantee your success!

INTEGRATE iT reveals a proven track record, since 2001, of providing "one stop" services for the Sparx Enterprise Architect community. We guarantee your successful adoption of Enterprise Architect by delivering training led by industry experts to meet your budget and project requirements. Our experts will ensure your project readiness by providing expert support on Enterprise Architect tool installation, configuration, customization, and ongoing help desk.

Sparx Training courses and delivery options (Onsite, Public, Online and Self-paced)

INTEGRATE iT Additional Services

  • Architecture Repository Deployments
    • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Business Rules
    • IT Service Management (ITSM)
    • Requirements Management (REQM)
    • TOGAF®
  • Custom Enterprise Architect Project Readiness training
  • Migration from legacy architecture tools to Enterprise Architecture
  • Rapid Assessments for Process Improvements
  • TOGAF® Certification Examination Training for Practitioners
  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect one stop service center
  • Sparx Software Discount Reseller services


  • Business Rules Community
  • Business Architecture Guild (BIZBOK®)
  • The International Institute of Business Analyst (BABOK®)
  • The Object Management Group (OMG®)
  • The Open Group (TOGAF®)

Contact us

Phone: toll free (800) 542-1471 or (703) 744-0095
Email: Contact.us@IN2GRATEiT.com
Web: www.IN2GRATEiT.com
Country(s) of Operation: Globally in Australia, Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, and based in the United States of America

URL: http://www.integrationworx.ca

Integrationworx Ltd

Integrationworx Ltd. offers education and training services in a variety of modeling techniques ranging from Archimate and dimensional data modeling to foundational UML. Primary consulting services are focused on data warehousing, business intelligence, and integration solutions where modeling is a core competency. Integrationworx employs seasoned instructors with experience as corporate trainers, instructors for large software vendors (public training), and sessional professors for Canadian universities and colleges.

Training Services/Courses

Integrationworx offers custom training on a variety of modeling topics in addition to the following foundational courses (which can also be tailored).

  • UML Modeling Fundamentals with Sparx EA
  • Introduction to Archimate with Sparx EA
  • Techniques for IT Professionals: Applied Sparx EA Workshop Series
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Sparx EA
  • Introduction to Dimensional Data Modeling with Sparx EA
  • Database Modeling and Design with Sparx EA
  • Applying Agile Modeling Principles with Sparx EA
Integrationworx conducts a prior-learning assessment to tailor course content and can also help organizations design and implement their own internal training programs to achieve self-sufficiency.

Additional Services/Information

Integrationworx Ltd. can also assist organizations with the following:

  • Integration of Sparx EA-based modeling techniques with existing methodologies
  • Software development methodology education and application of Agile modeling techniques with Sparx EA

Contact Details

Toll Free:
Business Address:
Integrationworx Ltd. - Winnipeg
18th Floor, CanWest Center
1800 - 201 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 3K6
p: 204.272.5638 f: 204.318.1125

Integrationworx Ltd. - Calgary
10th Floor Bankers Hall, West Tower
888 - 3rd Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 5C5
p: 403.800.9344 f: 587.333.2379
Country(s) of Operation:

URL: http://www.pivotpt.com

PivotPoint Technology Corp.

Company Description

PivotPoint Technology is a software and systems engineering services company that specializes in Custom Model-Based Solutions™ for tough business and technical problems. PivotPoint supports open modeling standards and provides premium training, consulting, and tool customization services for clients in North America, Europe and Asia. PivotPoint has helped clients improve their system architectures and business processes in a wide range of industries ranging from aerospace-defense and automotive, to financial services and healthcare.

Training Services

PivotPoint offers a wide-range of onsite and online training services customized for Enterprise Architect:

  • Agile Architecture & Design: UML 2, SysML, ArchiMate 2
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE): SysML
  • Business Process Modeling & Architecture: BPMN 2, UML 2, ArchiMate 2
  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks: DoDAF 2, UPDM 2, TOGAF
  • Cybersecurity Architecture & Frameworks: UML 2, SysML, CyberML

VAR Services

PivotPoint can help you customize Enterprise Architect for your team and project:
  • UML and SysML Profiles for domain specific modeling: Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Devices, Cybersecurity, etc.
  • Documentation generation templates for Requirements, Architecture, and Design specifications
  • Scripts to automate Requirements Validation and Verification (V&V)
  • Scripts to check architecture and design integrity

Contact Details:

Email: Sparx.Partner@pivotpt.com
Phone: +1.760.728.9747
Business Address: http://pivotpt.com/about/contact/
Web: http://pivotpt.com/training/tools/sparx-ea/
Countries of Operation: North America, Europe, Japan

URL: www.sparxsystems.us

Sparx Services North America

Sparx Services North America is your headquarters for sales, services and support for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Sparx Services North America offers a wide range of services for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect end users, including Certified Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect training courses and live tech support for Enterprise Architect during North American business hours.

With both on-site and remote training and consulting, Sparx Services North America offers you complete lifecycle support from pre-sales and acquisition to implementation and operation. Sparx Services North America's mission is to help you deliver world-class modeling solutions with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Through real world project coaching and Sparx Systems Certified classroom training, Sparx Services North America will help you deliver the results you need to realize business value.

Course Catalog:

Sparx EA:
  • Introduction to Enterprise Archtiect
  • Sparx EA Advanced
  • Sparx EA Busiess Architecture
  • Sparx EA Business Process Modeling
  • Sparx EA Requirements Management
  • Sparx EA Systems Development
  • Sparx EA TOGAF
  • Sparx EA Systems Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Reusable Architecture
  • Model Driven SOA
  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
  • DoDAF / UPDM Fundamentals
  • TOGAF Fundamentals
  • Advanced System Architecture
  • ArchiMate 2 Applied
  • Business Architecture Alignment and Integration
OOAD & Systems:
  • Object-Oriented Analysis with UML
  • Object-Oriented Design with UML
  • User Interaction Design with UML
  • Test Case Design with UML
  • Agile Development Fundamentals
  • Unified Modeling Language Fundamentals
  • System Engineering Fundamentals
  • SysML User Fundamentals
  • Advanced SysML Modeling
  • MBSE with OMG SysML
  • Domain Modeling with UML
  • Capturing Business Rules
  • Business Service Fundamentals
  • Business Analysis Modeling
  • Business Component Modeling
  • Business Motivation Modeling
  • Business Architecture Overview
  • Business Rules Overview
  • Business Process Modeling with BPMN

For further information please contact Sparx Services North America
Contact Form: Online Enquiry
Phone (US toll-free): 1-800-882-6051
Website: Sparx Services North America